5.26.2022 ACT: Moving Towards Wholeness

I was invited to frame “The Story of How We Got Here” at ACT’s recent gathering to show solidarity and support for survivors of sexual assault, misconduct, and abuse in the halls and spaces of Reform Jewish life. Folks have been asking for me to publish my remarks, so I’m putting them here. I wasContinue reading “5.26.2022 ACT: Moving Towards Wholeness”

Album Review: Punch Brothers, All Ashore (2018)

I found this review sitting in a miscellany folder on my computer. I really like this album so I am publishing it here even though it’s about three years late. Punch Brothers: All Ashore, Nonesuch Records 2018 The years between Punch Brothers’ 2015 release, The Phosphorescent Blues and their latest outing, 2018’s All Ashore, were busyContinue reading “Album Review: Punch Brothers, All Ashore (2018)”

Opal & Nev Review Published at TCR

A review I wrote of The Final Revival of Opal & Nev, Dawnie Walton’s debut novel, was published today at The Coachella Review, the literary journal operated by students in my MFA program. I also read for the fiction section, and our Summer 2021 issue dropped at the beginning of the month–if you’d like toContinue reading Opal & Nev Review Published at TCR