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5.26.2022 ACT: Moving Towards Wholeness

I was invited to frame “The Story of How We Got Here” at ACT’s recent gathering to show solidarity and support for survivors of sexual assault, misconduct, and abuse in the halls and spaces of Reform Jewish life. Folks have been asking for me to publish my remarks, so I’m putting them here.

We Must Not Yield To Whataboutism

A question I used to ask my coworkers at URJ Camp Harlam: Is the purpose of camp to show the campers a world as it could be, or to prepare them for the world as it is? One despicable answer seems to have been unfolding at Camp Ramah Berkshires over the past few years. 

“LA Affairs” Column in Los Angeles Times

An essay I wrote about my unconventional current living arrangement and its impact on my dating life was published on April Fools’ Day in the LA Affairs column of the Los Angeles Times. It was not a joke. I hope you read and enjoy!

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